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VaMaLuLu is a Solution House to help your organization to reduce cost, and generate new business opportunities. Our goal is to support SERVICE PROVIDERS and ENTERPRISES to enable innovation with reduce operational, telco & engineering costs.

A few things we’re great at

We offer a wide array of services focused on innovation and operational efficiency


iOS and Android application development for the Telco, Enterprise, and personal uses.

Technical Support

Wide array of technical services, including Network Planning & Optimization. Monitoring. Equipment Implementation and upgrade. (4G, VoLTE, VoWIFI, ACCESS)

Business Consultancy

Business services which enable our customers to deliver innovation at reduced costs.

Outsourcing and Recruitment

Providing the right resources for customers
 unique tasks based on our accumulated, unique market knowledge.

Telco Portfolio

4G, 5G & CLOUD Focus

Take advantage of the latest technologies to generate new business opportunities and reduce costs

Partners & Markets

VaMaLuLu brings you technology leaders in the Telco Industry

We cover USA, LATAM, and EUROPE with our extended network team.

Professional Services

Our services cover the full life-cycle of a project – starting with initial business development and sales activities, product implemenation and integration through maintenance and support services.

Next Gen Apps

Security. Smart Cities. Utilities. Life Style. Connected Cars.

iOS App

Let’s AdoptAPet!

Pets have been with humans for around 11,000 years, and have become even more common in recent years. However, not all pets are loved, and many of them are mistreated. Which is why we ask of you that the next time you are looking for a furry companion that you don’t shop, but rather adopt.

Which is where AdoptAPet comes in. AdoptAPet is an iOS (and eventually android) app which is dedicated to helping you find the right pet, and where you can adopt it. Using the database provided by RecueGroups, our app helps you find the perfect pet, and in a location which is suitable to you.

iOS App


The YOURLS’ Client App allows you to create and view your shortened URLs from your mobile phone. What’s needed? An active domain name running the latest version of YOURLS is all that’s needed.

Regardless of whether you’re running your instance publicly or privately, our app has you covered. Creating a shortened url using your own domain name from your phone has never been simpler.

App Features

– Shorten URLs using your own domain name and YOURLS
– View statical data regarding your shortened URL
– Share you shortened URLs
– Works with any YOURLS installation.


iOS Store Link: 


We use our specialized partners to provide end-to-end solutions towards telco customers.


VaMaLuLu uses specialized partners, with extensive experience in the design and development of different types of civil infrastructure projects; logistics centers, industrial facilities, commercial premises, rehabilitation and reforms.
ADIC also performs and lends the functions of “Project Management”, from its viability study, to its full execution.


VaMaLuLu incorporates ClearSky Technologies to offer an array of innovative services that enable entirely new ways of planning, deploying and managing wireless infrastructure. From forward looking network designs with NetView 360® through to ongoing operation of FORTE Neutral Source™ enhanced in-building cellular network deployments, ClearSky provides advanced solutions to the wireless industry’s most pressing problems.


VaMaLuLu extends it’s portfolio to the enterprise market by offering innovative, comprehensive and reliable technological solutions for the continuous improvement of communication, knowledge and customer care within the framework of relations with the company.
We partner with Nubeum to improve the business processes in functional areas, including Multichannel Contact Center, Process Integration, Bot Interactions 


The connected car industry is a $150 billion business opportunity that so far is not well-exploited. VaMaLuLu is actively pursuing to provide a solution to the car & transportation industry, related to Safety and security, Driver assistance, Mobility & Vehicle management.


VaMaLuLu likes to partner with passionate people to help us deliver end-to-end solutions. Including GPS support & installations required for our connected car apps initiative.

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